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"Why are families divided?  Why can't we all just get along?  We just need to have some love!"

You see, love is exclusive.  You can't love everything and everyone.  If you treasure something, that's where your heart's gonna be, and the desires of your heart will conflict at some point with the desires of a heart that's loving something else.

"You can't love both God and money."

In other words, you can't just have love, as if it's a thing - because it's something you do.  Verbs have an object, so love has an object.

That's where idols come into this mess.

Yes, idols.  An idol doesn't have to be a person, a video game, or football, or pizza.  It can be a doctrine, a moral standard, or a freedom.  It can be something that looks really super Godly.

If it, rather than God, has got your love, it's an idol.  Here's what happens:

Where do wars and fightings among you come from?  Don't they come from your pleasures that war in your members?  You lust, and don't have.  You kill, covet, and can't obtain.  You fight and make war.  (James 4:1-2a)

When the members of a family all have different loves, different idols, they get divided.  The different desires pull them away from each other, and when they try to pull together, it's demolition derby as their cravings crash into each other.

The foundation for family unity is unity of heart - in loving God.  With one love and one heart, one desire pulls us together.

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