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It's a New Year - and I'm Back

I did some thinking, back around the turn of the year, about how we make such a big deal about the new year.  People think it's a new start, a fresh slate, a time when "things are lookin' up" (someone told me that on New Year's Day, seeing as 2013 hadn't had enought time yet for everything to go wrong), and I don't blame them.  It's easy, convenient, and it has a nice number to go with it.  In fact, after seven (shameful, right?) months of silence, I'm posting again - and when?  At the new year.

But the counting of the earth's revolutions according to the Gregorian calendar seems like quite an arbitrary basis for a "fresh start."  I'd much sooner use Easter (or Resurrection Day.)  If indeed I've been buried with Christ by baptism in His death, then just as He was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, I too may walk in a NEW life.  (Romans 6:4)

That seems to tell me that was my real "fresh start."

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