Cutting Edge (Piano Demo)


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Words and music by Scott Larkin
Written August 2010, recorded March 2012

Piano/vocals: Scott Larkin
Recorded and mixed by Scott Larkin
Length: 4:51


Brad he's cutting edge
Got the gigahertz and gigabytes
Dual core but he wants more
Of the cutting edge of technology
Ann she's cutting edge
Now she don't know if she exists
Ask her if blue is really true
On the cutting edge of philosophy
John he's cutting edge
Praise band Sunday mornings
Loves the light and does what's right
On the cutting edge of church

Well flesh skin bone and something more
We don't know what we're looking for
Chasing license plates but we know we're meant for more
And we're missing it so bad it hurts

Well my heart is full; I'll pour it out
Open my home, give up my bank account
Put me in a place where I know next day's a gift
Where Your promise is the only promise left
As a blueprint for my life I admit it's kinda scary
For my untested heart in unknown territory
But I know that you are calling; I know this world can't wait
For me to live on the cutting edge of faith


(Hebrews 11:1, Hebrews 11:6, 2 Corinthians 5:6-10)

What is the truest evidence (or fruit) of faith?

So we're probably familiar with Hebrews 11:1, which essentially tells us that faith is being dead sure and certain about something we're hoping in, or trusting to work or be some way, that we can't see.  Well, faith is not just a nice feeling that things will work out somehow, because faith is not a feeling.  Putting faith in something or someone is a thing you do.

Perhaps your car mechanic just rebuilt your car's engine.  You've got a lot of confidence in this guy's skill, and you tell everyone that he's built it right and it's as safe as base in hide-and-go-seek.  But the surest demonstration that you're not just running your mouth would be to hop right in and drive to Nebraska or somewhere.  (Except that you shouldn't do that, because rebuilt engines must be broken in...)

What I mean in this song by "the cutting edge of faith" is a way of life that is completely dependent on God following through on His promises.  That's where I want to be, because that's what pleases God.

-- Scott